Estate Planning is an important process that helps you determine how you will distribute your wealth amongst your loved ones once you pass away.

It can be a difficult task during an emotional time.


It helps you plan how you will share your wealth amongst your loved ones after death. A great analogy to describe this process is if you imagine leaves falling from a tree. You are the tree and your life assets are the leaves. When the tree dies, the leaves fall from the tree to the ground. Estate Planning helps you ensure that these leaves fall into the right buckets, with your assets divided up exactly as you would like them to be. It is very important to have a plan of wealth distribution in place before death so that you minimise taxes and other expenses that would reduce your overall estate value and cause headaches for your loved ones during an emotional time.


John, our senior Financial Adviser has built up a vast network of contacts who can assist you to write a will. A will is a specific legal document that outlines how you would like your assets to be distributed. Each member of our network shares the same commitment that Buckley’s Financial Protection has to you and we take care to ensure that your wishes are achieved. Our network also understands that Estate Planning involves sensitive information and we ensure that great care is taken to handle your information in a delicate and respectful manner.


We have spent the past 30 years helping people with their estate planning. We understand the legacy of your estate and strive to distribute it to your loved ones according to your wishes. Over the years we have been through many industry and legal changes and have helped our clients work through varying financial situations. We would like to share our knowledge and experience with you and help you create an estate plan that maximises the wealth left to your loved ones.

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